TP3 Global – SilverSkin Thermal Pallet Covers & Blankets for Air Cargo & Land Logistics
The home of SilverSkin™ reflective, thermal pallets.

Global Capability & Engineering Excellence

What we do...

TEST - new high tech materials for improved performance.

DESIGN - towards the needs of the industry - QA, operations and procurement.

MANUFACTURE - custom or standard products with consistant high quality.

SUPPLY - globally With centres of excellence in the UK (covering EMEA / Americas's) and India (covering India / Asia Pacific), our team of engineers, administration and management are dedicated to supporting your evolving requirements, please contact us for more information.

Cost, Performance & Durability
Our products are designed with the ideal balance of thermal performance, strength and cost to address the different needs of the pharmaceutical and perishable logistics sectors.
Client Sectors
3PL / Freight Forwarders
Pharmaceutical & Perishable Supply Chain
Airline / Air Cargo
Ground Handling